DHC 1.5/1.6 LibreOffice Upgrade Script

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    Dell Hybrid Client ships with LibreOffice 6.4.x installed. Here is a script that will upgrade LibreOffice to the latest version of 7.3.x.


    To install:

    Upload to Wyse Management Suite:

    • Extract LibreOffice_Upgrade.zip
    • Copy LibreOffice_upgrade.sh to the HybridClientApps folder in your WMS repository directory
    • Create a new App policy using Add Advance App Policy
    • Provide Name
    • Select Group, optional to check box to apply to sub-groups
    • Select OS Type, Hybrid Client
    • Click Add app button to add new application line
    • In first box select LibreOffice_Upgrade.sh
    • Select LibreOffice_Upgrade.sh in the Pre-install box
    • The rest of the boxes below are optional
    • For testing purposes, select Do not apply automatically in the Apply policy automatically box

    The LibreOffice Upgrade is now ready to deploy.


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