Dell Wyse 5010 D10D – 8.0_512 > 8.6_807 Botched Update

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    I seem to have really locked myself out and I’m hoping someone can help. I have a deployment of Dell Wyse 5010 D10D thin clients that were running WTOS 8.0_512. They download the wnos.ini file via DHCP option 161. This was working perfectly until I replaced the 8.0_512 ZD10_wnos file with the 8.6_807 ZD10_wnos in the wnos directory. Upon reboot the new firmware downloaded and installed successfully, but the client would no longer download the wnos.ini file. The relevant status lines appear to be “Contacting file server” followed by “fail to validate file server”. The admin credentials specified in my wnos.ini file no longer work either. Since “Privilege=None” was also specified, the usual resets don’t work. The lines below were in the working config. Any suggestions?

    Autoload=2 loadpkg=1
    AdminMode=yes Username=xxxxx Password=xxxxxxxxxx
    Privilege=None Lockdown=yes SuppressTaskbar=yes


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