CWA 21.04 Support for 64 Virtual Channels?

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    Am I correct in assuming that the new release from Dell for CWA 21.04 should contain the 21.03 CWA enhancement of going from 32 to 64 virtual channels and the UC communication “enable/disable” feature set the ThinOS 9.1.2101 Admin guide should no longer apply?

    In the CWA 21.03 release notes it states:

    Increase in the number of supported virtual channels
    In earlier versions of the client, sessions supported up to 32 virtual channels.
    With this release, you can use up to 64 virtual channels in a session.

    I’m asking because there is no mention in the release notes from Dell, but if this is a full CWA for Linux for ThinOS, then I imagine it to be true.

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    Yes, it does


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