Correct way to pass through USB drive and printer on 9.1.1131 with Citrix?

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    Hi – we’re running Citrix VAD 1912 and recently upgraded some of our Wyse 5070s to 9.1.1131. I’m having a heck of a time configuring the policies correctly so that USB thumb drives and USB printers pass through.

    I’ve tried a variety of combinations within WMS under Global Session Settings and Citrix Session Settings and I can’t seem to get the right combination. I have confirmed that Citrix policy for Client USB redirection is set to allowed.

    In a perfect world, my printers would be passed through and I could install the print driver on the Citrix Windows 10 session and USB drives would simply mount.

    Would anyone who has a similar setup working be willing to share their WMS and/or Citrix policy settings?


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    If you are using USB redirection you should disable the other mappings like disk, printer, etc.
    However, I would recommend not use USB redirection but the mappings.
    For USB sticks make sure the stick is formatted FAT, FAT32, or ExFAT. If it is formatted correctly you will see in the ThinOS eventlog that it was mounted successfully. Only in this case, a mapping can work.
    For the printer mapping, you have to make sure that you entered the correct printer driver name (case sensitive) as the Printer Identification on ThinOS.


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    Turn off local mapping and usb redirect for services you aren’t using. Also if you aren’t using unified communication plugins like Zoom VDI, Jabber VDI, Teams optimization, turn those off in the virtual channel unified communication settings.

    I found an issue where I had printing and USB redirect working fine in my policy, then I began testing unified communication plugins like Zoom, WebEx, and Jabber. After turning on those UC Virtual channels my printing stopped redirecting, but it wasn’t something I noticed right away. I turned off USB redirect for serial, smart card and other things I wasn’t using and turned off the UC Virtual Channels I wasn’t using in production and printing started working.

    There is a Citrix Workspace App for Linux virtual channel limitation of 32 virtual channels, 17 are reserved. As of release 21.3 CWA for Linux (released March 9) the number of virtual channels has been increased to 64 virtual channels which should hopefully address this issue. For now, ThinOS 9.1 is using CWA for Linux 20.12 from December 2020 so we are stuck with the VC limitation until Dell packages CWA 21.3 for ThinOS 9.1.x

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    Thanks very much to both of you. I noticed a bit in the ThinOS 9.1 admin guide about needing to be very selective with UC Virtual Channels. The explanation/info about 21.3 CWA for Linux including additional channels is very helpful, hopefully there’s a ThinOS package available soon. I also have a support case open with Dell/Wyse and hope to discuss the issue with an engineer later today. I’ll make sure to update this thread with my findings.

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