Connection Manager under ThinOS 8.6 with WMS 3.2

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    we are running the WMS 3.2 in which I want include the configuration for some legacy devices like D10D/5010 with ThinOS 8.6_606

    It’s running fine but I want to hide the Connection Manager.
    And also change the IconTextColor of the Citrix Apps.
    I didn’t find any setting in the GUI so I tried several parameters in the advanced section under ThinOS (8.5+) like:
    – ConnectionManager=hide/minimize
    – hideConnectionManager=yes

    – IconTextColor=”0 0 255″

    Privilege level is high

    Is it possible to hide/minimize it? And change the color?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I had this issue trying to use “DisableEditDomain=yes” under the advanced configuration like you mentioned and I found I had to include another parameter for it to work, so I ended up needing to do “SignOn=NTLM DisableEditDomain=yes”.

    Maybe the “ConnectionManager=hide” also requires the “SignOn” field to be defined?

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    CakeyBagel is correct.
    You always have to use the full parameter set.
    In your case, ConnectionManager is a subparameter of SignOn=, and IconTextColor is a subparameter of Desktop=
    Therefore, your parameters should look like
    SignOn=Yes ConnectionManager=Hide
    Desktop=your_background-image IconTextColor=”0 0 255″


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    Now it works.

    Thank you.

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