Configure WYSE TX0 from USB

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    I’ve got some old WYSE terminals which are on a stretch of network, at a different site, which doesn’t allow them to reach the WYSE Device Manager server.  They’ve previously booted using their last known good configuration.  I now need to reconfigure them but this is new territory for me and would like a little advice.

    Can I reset these terminals to factory settings by pressing G during boot?

    If not, must I login locally with administrator privileges & initiate a factory reset at that point?

    When the device is reset I have the wnos.ini located on a USB stick (root\wnos\wnos.ini).

    If the USB stick is inserted will it boot using the config on the stick, or are there additional steps that I need to complete to ready the device for this?

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and for any assistance with this.

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