Compaq T1010 NTe Capabilities

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    I’m curious if the Compaq t1010 will work as the 3200le, where I can establish a TEC 5250 connection without loading RDP first. The NTe puts me off, I like the CE version, but the NTe seems more like a lite version of NT 4.0, and I’m haunted by memories of our old NT4 workstations. Not to mention that I want it to work with our 2003 network. I may use these for the occasional RDP client, but mostly they’ll be used as timeclock computers with a card swiper (still not sure if that will work or not) connecting directly to our AS400. Anyone know if these can bypass the NTe and go straight to 5250? Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Shawn,

    The Compaq t1010 was OEM’ed to Compaq by Wyse, the equivalent models were the 3360SE (Windows CE) and the 8260SE (Windows NTe). If you have the Compaq NTe version you will still be download the firmware from the HP site but you will not be able to cross grade to CE as there is a Microsoft licence required.

    Your other option is to get a conversion kit from Wyse and you will be able to get a newer CE image on it. The conversion kit comes with the Microsoft licence, firmware and tools to do the job.

    You can leave the unit as NTe of course, this is the same binary files as in the NT workstation i386 folder so if your apps run on NT they should run on the terminal, you may just have to copy a few back. As long as you don’t put the device on the domain and lock it down it should run you TEC application just fine as is.


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