Changing OS on Thin Client

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    Hi Confgen,

    Good day.

    Just want to ask if I can change OS in our 5070 from Windows 10 to WES7 same as how we do it in the PC?

    Someone said to us that it is not possible to change the OS of a Thin Client.

    But I am thinking that it is possible if we change the boot sequence and boot the OS from an external device.


    Kindly confirm.

    Thank you.

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    Windows always includes the right to downgrade to an older Windows version.
    However, the Windows 10 IoT license is stored in the BIOS. As soon as you erase everything, there is no way back to Windows 10 anymore.
    The second big issue would be, that a full Windows 7 does not have a Write Filter like the Windows Embedded variant. This will result in the very early death of the flash memory.
    Booting from external storage would prevent this, of course.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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