CAPS/No caps inversion inside RDS session from ThinOS 9.1

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    Dear all,

    Note sure if someone has encountered that issue previously but since we moved our Wyse 3040’s with ThinOS 9.1 connected to WMS 3.7 cloud, our users are complaining that when they type in upper case they normally enable the caps lock key and instead of the letter being in upper case, it displays in applications like MS Word/Outlook in lower case, and vice versa.

    When the Wyse 3040 was not reporting to WMS, when connected to RDS, our users were not encountering this issue, so I was wondering if there’s a specific WMS setting which would cause this. I have seen on forums and articles that it’s most probably down to a de-sync of keyboard events when passing through in RDP sessions, so not sure if it’s WMS related as when connected directly from a Wyse but on ThinOS 8.6, we do not encounter this issue.

    Any suggestions are most welcome.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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