Can’t nest my ini files more than 2 levels

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    Jim Lathan
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    I’m on 8.x and still using ini files over FTP.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to reference other ini files no problem. The setup in my environment goes:


    wnos.ini (general settings) -> [networkaddress].ini (site-specific settings) -> [macaddress].ini (thin client-specific settings)


    I have a new thin client that came preinstalled with 8.6_511 that crashes on boot when I go three deep. If I put some settings in the [macaddress].ini file, it crashes. If I put the exact same settings in [networkaddress].ini and leave a blank [macaddress].ini file, it crashes. If I leave the settings in [networkaddress].ini and delete [macaddress].ini, it boots fine.

    Is this a new thing with Wyse ThinOS? Any ideas?

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