Can WMS be queried to find the model of monitors?

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    Chris S
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    Does anyone one know of a way to query WMS for the model of monitors to a spreadsheet like the device export? I know we can find it by looking at individual thin clients but wanted a quicker way than looking at hundreds.


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    There is no such report. You may be able to extract that information directly from the database. However, I do not know in which table this is stored.


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    possible through WEB API calls [postman]


    iterate through all devices and extract monitor peripheral json node

    peripherals: [{name: “port”, description: “USB”,…}, {name: “Monitor”, description: “Monitor”,…}]
    0: {name: “port”, description: “USB”,…}
    1: {name: “Monitor”, description: “Monitor”,…}
    description: “Monitor”
    itemNames: [{name: “vender”, description: “Vender”}, {name: “model”, description: “Model”},…]
    itemValues: [[“DEL”, “DELL P2418HT”, “488CG86J799L”]]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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