Can I use two printers via the INI in WYSE

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    Hi all

    Printer=LTP1 Name=”kopsbarcode” PrinterID=”ZDesigner LP 2844″ Class=”PLC5″ Enabled=yes

    We currently have the following printer above working via the .INI file, but now we need to add an updated model of the printer ZDesigner ZD 220 to work alongside ZDesigner LP 2844.

    Can I add two printers to the .INI? If so how? Can I add LPT2 to the .INI?

    If this is not possible can I set up the printer locally on the WYSE client via USB, to get the new printer working as per website/document….

    Dell Wyse ThinOS Release 8.3.2 Administrator’s Guide
    Examples of Common Printing Configurations
    Printing to Local USB or Parallel Printers
    Using the Printer Setup Dialog Box for Local USB or Parallel Printers




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