C90LEW and Flash Issue

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    We are using C90LEW with 2GB RAM and 2GB Flash drive with Adobe Flash
    When browsing to a page that contains flash the CPU will go to 100% and stay there until you scroll of the Flash element. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
    We have tried update Flash.

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    Did you ever get this resolved? We are getting the same on C90LEW7 terminals.

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    Just browsing through the forums and saw this here.
    The C Series of thin clients do not have the internal CPU power to use Flash in it’s entirety, it’s a complex beast and merely a container for various formats.
    The C90 when loaded with XPe and the latest player is capable of decoding H.264, MPEG4 and WMV encapsulated in the FLV container (if you want to see what the file is load up a copy of Firefox and a flash downloader, download the file and look at it with mediainfo) anything else and the performance is beyond poor. For serious Flash usage (using HDX redirection) you simply need a Z Class as even the R Class is only marginal unless playing a video in a format supported by the hardware decode in the Radeon.


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    Really, the answer is to buy new hardware? I’ve experienced simular issues using Flasx HDX redirector. We are using the C90LEW to decode flash videos while our desktop is served up using Citrix (Xenapp 6).
    The video playback is not that ‘Flash’….
    I was able to improve the quality of playback by setting the priority of the process ‘PseudoContainer.exe’, to high or realtime.

    Hope this helps… 😕

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