C50LE Linux Suse / Cisco VPN Client

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    Im Mario, im currently working as a Citrix Analyst. I always hate when joining forums that my first post is asking for help however this time I really need some!

    My company has purchased some C50LEs running Linux Suse.
    What we would like to achieve is:

    User turns on unit and connects to the vpn
    Citrix Published Desktop Launches

    In the past I have always used wnos.ini to fire up my citrix desktop once the terminal has booted up.
    However in this case the VPN has really thrown me. Ive been reading this forum and have managed to deploy the Cisco VPN Client to my device (it must be the cisco client i have no choice in this).

    In my network connections panel I can now set up my VPN…
    It is from this point onwards im stuck 🙁

    I have two questions:

    1. Can I use wnos.ini to attempt to connect to the VPN and prompt the user for the username and password? Once done can I get it to call the citrix published desktop?

    My feeling is the above cannot be done which brings me to question two

    2. Im going toget the wyse device to log in automatically as a guest account. Therefore it will be completely locked down. I then have an icon on the desktop which alows the user to double click and connect to the citrix desktop. This works fine on my internal network. Is there anyway of making an icon to initiate the VPN connection?
    The only way i can see to connect into the vpn is by logging in as an admin or thinuser and right clicking on the network icon in the system tray and then selecting my VPN connection. Obviously this wont be acceptable for my users to do….

    Im sorry this is a long one, any help would be very much appriciated!


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