Bloomberg Fingerprint Reader WTOS 9.1.2101

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    HI All

    Trying to get Bloomberg fingerprint reader redirected in Citrix Connection. Using WTOS 9.1.2101, Citrix Workspace App 21.4 to Windows 10 desktop running Citrix VDA 1912.  I’m following this Citrix article:

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>On the Windows 10 machine have the following regkey entries:</span>
    DWORD and Name EnableBloombergHID, set the value to 1

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB
    DWORD and Name EnableBloombergHID, set the value to 1

    DeviceRules key added the following:
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=9525 # Bloomberg
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=9535 # Bloomberg
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=9545 # Bloomberg
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=9585 # Bloomberg
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=03e9 # Bloomberg
    ALLOW:vid=1188 pid=03ef # Bloomberg

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>On the ThinOS 9.1.2101 Client
    </span>WMS Policy>>Peripheral Management>>USB Redirection
    vUSB Force Redirect 0x11889545
    vUSB Force Redirect 0x11889525

    WMS Policy>>Session Settings>>Global Session Settings
    Local Resources and USB Redirection
    Map Serials no
    Map SmartCards no
    Map Disks no
    Map Clipboard yes
    Enable USB Redirection yes
    USB Redirection Exclude Disk Devices no
    USB Redirection Exclude Printer Devices no
    USB Redirection Exclude Audio Devices yes
    USB Redirection Exclude Video Devices yes

    WMS Policy>>Session Settings>>Citrix Session Settings
    Other Citrix Virtual Channels Settings
    USB Redirection yes

    We cannot get the fingerprint reader from Bloomberg keyboard recognized in Bloomberg.

    Anyone else have this working?

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    This appears to be fixed by enabling “HID Fingerprint Reader” under the Citrix session settings underneath all of the UC communication settings. Must be a specific virtual channel the Bloomberg keyboard tries using to pass the fingerprint portion.

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    I need your help to fix the same issue. Could you please share the exact details where should make this changes?

    Jim Lathan
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    We have the keyboards working with the following settings on USB redirection:

    vUSB Force Redirect  0x11889535

    vUSB Force Redirect 0x11889545

    This was required to get the V4 keyboards to work.


    If the wyse device is set to lock then the keyboard appears to remain connected to the remote session so when a user comes to unlock it they are unable, and we had to plug in a standard keyboard to unlock the wyse and gain access to the running session.  Therefore we have had to disable terminal lock in the wyse system prefrences.

    For the new V5 keyboards they are working with out the addition of the redireciton policies,

    VID 0X1188 PID 0XA101

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