Black Screen Issue with ThinOS 9.1.4234 and 9.1.90542 (Beta)

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    Wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.  We’ve upgraded a few test WYSE 5070 devices to ThinOS 9.1.4234 with Horizon 2106 package. Ever since we sometimes run into an issue when connecting to Horizon VDI.  The VDI tries to launch but with no display.  Only thing that’s seen is black across all monitors.  Restarting the WYSE doesn’t resolve the issue and also you see black when trying to launch the same VDI from a Windows machine.  That said, it seems like the WYSE ThinOS version or Horizon package is triggering this behavior though.  Most of our WYSE 5070 devices are still on ThinOS 9.1.1131 and no one has reported this so it seems like this started with the newer ThinOS versions.

    We’re so frustrated because we can’t seem to upgrade our ThinOS version to the latest because of new issues like this.  I really don’t think Dell has a QA team and most of what they release resolve some issues but introduce new ones, i.e. black screen.

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