Any VPN capability w/Xenith Cx0 / Xenith Pro 1 & ThinOS 2.0._512


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    Long time friend of Wyse + Citrix here; I’m actually the first product manager of VMware View and later I managed Citrix XenDesktop, anyhow I’ve got one of my old beta sites (the very first actually) for VDI who is wanting to repurpose a bunch of first gen Xenith thin clients for use at home, given nearly all of their employees are now not in the office.

    I’ve helped this old customer with upgrading their thin clients to ThinOS 2.0_512 (thank you for hosting that btw), and I’ve read as much as I can find online about OpenConnect, but I can’t seem to figure out how to enable this, or if its even possible on these devices?

    All of the instructions I can find regarding any sort of direct VPN access with Wyse are for different, and later models. Its cool if this is a lost cause, I’m just trying to help an old friend out who was very good to the community being the first VDI beta site way back in the day (2006).

    Thanks for any guidance!


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    There is no VPN in Xenith.
    You should use Netscaler as your remote access point.


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