Any idea on Horizon Client 5.3+ availability?

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    So, the latest version of ThinOS 8 is 8.6.412 which still only supports Horizon Client 5.1, at the latest, which was a July 2019 release.

    Was wondering if you, ConfGen, have any idea when ThinOS 8 will be updated to support Horizon Client 5.3 or higher?  (Whether through a new ThinOS 8 version with a Horizon Client 5.3+ PKG or simply a Horizon Client 5.3 PKG that can be updated by itself.)

    Is Dell just stopping ThinOS 8 development to focus on ThinOS 9, leaving us Horizon users like a neglected step child, or are they planning to release ThinOS 9.1 with a new version of the Horizon Client 5.3+ in the near future?

    It just really sucks to be held back and we’d like to be able to take advantage of the new Blast Codec (Horizon Client 5.2) as well as the new Switch+Blast Codec (Horizon Client 5.3)

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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    You are correct.
    ThinOS 8 will die. However, this will only happen next year. Until then ThinOS 9 will support all protocols including Blast and PCoIP.


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