AIO 5470 – 3 Monitors

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    Hey Guys,

    I am unable to extend 3 monitors using RDP into Windows Server 2019. When 3 monitors are used it will only span the 3 screens. If I power off the 3rd monitor the 2 remaining will extend properly after re-connecting. Display port is being used. If I mirror the 3 screens that works just fine, but is useless to us. We need the screens to be extended.

    I have read the DellWyse AIO 5470 documentation and  it states 3 monitors are supported,  I have tried different resolutions and have updated to the latest BIOS and Firmware on the 5470. Any other ideas?

    For this test system we are not configuring with an INI, I am just testing changing the config on the AIO system locally.

    System – DellWyse 5470 AIO
    Build Name X10_WNOS Build Version 8.6_511 Bios 1.5.2

    Monitor 1 – Dell AIO 5470 1920X1080
    Monitor 2 – Dell E2318H 1920X1080
    Monitor 3 – Dell E2318H 1920X1080


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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