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    Good Evening ConfGen & Team!


    I have a query about 5070 Firmware.

    My company has decided to purchase some 5070 and test them out within our fleet.

    So far, everything is running smoothly but there are a few bugs that could be ironed out to make the user experience smooth.

    I done a quick search online for 5070 Firmware and found that the following has been released by Dell WYSE ThinOS Version 8.5_113

    Which directly upgrades the 5070.

    As you can see within the document it says it supports both Celeron / Pentium

    5070 Version


    Now when I upload the X10_wnos into our File depository to deploy the Firmware out via a policy the following comes up


    Our 5070 within the Devices tab are categorized under “5070 Pentium”


    When I try to apply the policy to the group the Pentiums are apart of, it does not deploy

    And it’s simply just grayed out … ?


    Package I used from Dell is the following ;



    I’ve been researching for awhile now for a Pentium specific firmware but there doesn’t seem to be one ?


    Any ideas Team ?




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    Looks like a bug in WMS. The firmware IS for all 5070 units regardless of the processor or housing.
    You can use the Fileserver variant to update the clients. Check out the First Steps document in the Downloads section.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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