5060 WES Memory Low / Reboot when pushing updates

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    When pushing large file like Microsoft Cumulative updates to 5060s with WES, you will see a Low Memory Message and then a reboot moments later. This is due to CUs are over 1GB and the UWF is set to a Max of 1024MG (1GB) with warning thresholds set at 80% and critical thresholds at 90%. At 90% the system reboots clearing the UWF.

    To expand the UWF to 2GB and increase thresholds do the following.

    Download the file Unified Write Filter RAMDisk Size add-on for Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system from http://www.dell.com/support and copy it to the thinclientapps folder in your repository.

    Next create a text file, i.e. uwfthresholds.ps1, in this file enter the following:

    uwfmgr.exe overlay set-warningthreshold 1891

    uwfmgr.exe overlay set-criticalthreshold 1921

    Save the file and also copy it to thinclientapps.

    Once files appear in inventory, create an advance app policy (PRO USERS)

    the first application to run is the Unified Write Filter RAMDisk Size, this will increase the size of the UWF to 2048MG (2GB).

    The second application is the uwfthreshold.ps1 file, this will increase the thresholds so large deployments can take place.

    Save app policy and deploy as needed.



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