5010 BIOS Update – now death device?

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    Dear Community,

    i’m working with thinos devices since 3 years, and i love how easy they are to maintenance.

    but now i have a little problem. i saw there is a recommended BIOS update for 5010.

    so i downloaded the .bin file, stored it in my wnos folder and tried to power on the first device to test if everything is working.

    but it stuck at trying to get ip adress via dhcp. i could move the mouse but the device didnt react on clicks.

    i thought if theres no network connection, there could also be no bios file which is installed. so i hard resetet the device to get it back working.

    but since then, only the power button is shining. no more green second led. it also dont shows anything on the screen.


    could it be that i resettet the device during bios update? and is there a chance to reinstall it via usb ?

    thank you in advance and greetings!

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    Can you access the BIOS?
    If yes, you can reimage via USB, otherwise, the device looks dead.


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