ThinOS MR3 released to web

This week Dell has posted the next ThinOS version. It is the so-called MR3 release, 8.6_027 (or 2.6_027 for ThinOS lite aka Xenith).

Besides the most awaited fix for the RDSH login issue, there are a lot more fixes and new features included.
These are the most important ones:

  • Updated ThinOS packages
    • RTME 2.8
    • VMware Horizon 5.1.19052918
    • Flas Redirection 1.28.19061716
  • Increased Blast performance due to upgrade to version 5.1
  • Relative mouse feature in Blast session
  • USB device splitting in Blast session -> this helps a lot to map USB combo devices like Philips Speechmike or Dragon in a Blast session. You can now split the handling. The microphone will be kept locally, while the keys get mapped.
  • Direct connection mode support for Amazon WebSpaces
  • Imprivata updates
  • Rutoken smart card support
  • Omnikey 5321v2 smart card reader support

As always, ThinOS downloads can be found on the website