ThinOS 9.1 Release

It is this time again. A new ThinOS version was released today.

However, this time it is not just the next version. With ThinOS 9.1 we finally have a full ThinOS back with support for all current VDI protocols and environment.
While ThinOS 9.0 was only supporting Citrix environments, ThinOS 9.1 now supports Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and even Amazon Workspace backends.

The new version will be available for all current models, 3040, 5070, 5470 AIO and 5470 Mobile. It will run on ThinOS and ThinOS+PCoIP devices.

Beside the fact that all backends are supported now, there are a couple of more enhancements.

Here is a comprehensive list of new features:

  • Secure Boot
  • Support for WMS 3.1
  • Unified Communication Optimization
    • Microsoft SfB (ICA + Blast)
    • Microsoft Teams (ICA)
    • Cisco jVDI (ICA + Blast)
    • Cisco WebEx Meetings (ICA)
    • Cisco WebEx Teams (ICA + Blast)
    • Zoom Cloud Meetings (ICA + Blast)
  • Imprivata PIE with Hands-Free Authentication
  • Healthcast
  • Zero Desktop Taskbar (redesign)
  • Captive Portal support (to use public WLAN with website authentication)
  • Jabra Express Headset Support
  • Sennheiser Headset Devices Support
  • Updated default background (Greetings to my friends in St. Petersburg)