ThinOS 9.1.3129 for Dell Wyse 3040, 5070, 5470, and 5470 All-in-One Thin Clients

ThinOS 9.1.3129 was posted for download on 9/7/2021, there you will find the Merlin Image for USB imaging, base image to upgrade ThinOS 8.6 to ThinOS 9.1.3129, and full images to upgrade ThinOS 9.0/9.1 to ThinOS 9.1.3129. Downloads are available at

Fixes & Enhancements

ThinOS updates
– All ThinOS 9.x versions before 9.1.3129 must be upgraded to 9.1.3129 to allow future ThinOS firmware upgrades.
– Issues from previous ThinOS releases are fixed. See Fixed issues in the Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Operating System Release Notes at

Citrix Workspace app features updates
– Updated the Citrix Workspace app version to
– The battery status of the device is displayed in the notification area of a Citrix Desktop session. This feature is supported only on the Dell Wyse 5470 Thin Client. For more information about the battery status in the notification area, see the Citrix documentation at

Fixes & Enhancements

-Do not power off your thin client until the installation is complete.
-If you are downgrading ThinOS 9.1.3129 to ThinOS 8.6, ThinOS 9.0 or ThinOS 9.1 previous versions, you must use the Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool to install the ThinOS 8.x or 9.x image. Before you downgrade, ensure that you disable the secure boot option, and also clear Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in BIOS. Else, ThinOS 9.0 resets to factory settings after each reboot.
-You cannot boot into ThinOS 9.1 when you perform the following operations in BIOS setup: Disable onboard Network Interface Card (NIC), Trusted Platform Module (TPM), or Platform Trust Technology (PTT), or clear TPM or PTT, or reset BIOS to factory default.
-You cannot install ThinOS 9.0 application packages on ThinOS 9.1 due to certificate change.
-Following Citrix unified communication optimization features are not recommended on Wyse 3040 Thin Clients due to client resource limitations: Video call or meeting, Share screen

For more information, see the Important notes section in the latest Dell Wyse ThinOS 9.1 Release Notes at