ThinOS 9.0 and WMS 2.0 are posted on

Today Dell has posted ThinOS 9.0. A few days ago they already posted WMS 2.0.

While WMS 2.0 is more an evolution product, ThinOS 9 is completely new. Dell has rewritten the whole code as they were kind of stuck when it comes to new enhancements. With the brand new codebase, they are now able again to easily and quickly react to customers’ needs and 3rd-party vendors’ wishes. Important side fact: ThinOS 9 does no longer support INI files. The only way to configure the OS remotely is via WMS 2.0 now.
Here are some facts on the ThinOS 9.0 release:

  • Supported platforms:
    • Wyse 3040
    • Wyse 5070
    • Wyse 5070 Extended
    • Wyse 5470 AIO
    • Wyse 5470 Mobile
  • ThinOS 9.0 is a Citrix-only release. There is no support for any other protocol than ICA/HDX. Other protocols are expected for later this year.
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Support for WMS 2.0
  • Admin Policy Tool – this tool “shadows” the WMS policy. This way you have the same look and feel when configuring ThinOS remote or locally
  • Citrix Workspace app v1912
  • Cisco Jabber Softphone v12.8
  • RTME Skype optimization v2.8
  • Citrix Workspace Mode
  • Desktop Viewer/Toolbar in your opened Citrix session
  • Citrix ADC Native OTP
  • Federated Authentication (SAML/Azure AD)
  • Browser Content Redirection
  • HDX Adaptive transport (EDT)
  • Adaptive Display v2
  • Autoconfiguration of email-based account discovery using DNS
  • Citrix two-factor authentication
  • Keyboard enhancements on Windows VDA

WMS 2.0 has a new policy category to fully support ThinOS 9.0. The look&feel in this category is different but IMHO easy to use than before.

Here are some facts on the WMS 2.0 release:

  • Supported platforms:
    • Windows Server 2012R2
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
  • Supported upgrade path:
    • WMS 1.3 to WMS 2.0
    • WMS 1.4 to WMS 2.0
    • WMS 1.4.1 to WMS 2.0
  • ThinOS 9.x configuration user interface
  • Configuration user interface upload
  • Remote repository to host ThinOS 9.x packages and firmware
  • Subnet mapping for Remote Repositories
  • Upgrade ThinOS 8.6 device to ThinOS 9.0
  • Enrollment validation
  • Enhanced preview for import configurations
  • Select group
  • Batch upload

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