ThinOS 8.5_009 is finally there

Yesterday Dell has released the latest version of ThinOS, called 8.5_009.
As always with a major release, this one is packed full with new and updated features.
Here is a list:
– New Out-of-the-box experience: Do a factory reset and see yourself. Just make sure the client will not automatically get a wnos.ini, WDM or WMS config

– Zero Theme: Dell has integrated several themes. These represent the different backend environments like Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.
– System Information extension: Now you can easily find all the inbuild client versions. Ever asked yourself which ICA, RDP, Blast, PCoIP, etc. client is included? Check out the updated System Information
– Troubleshooting rework: Now you can directly capture screenshots. In addition, if a Trap error occurs, not only the core dump is saved, but also the screenshot of the Trap
– Horizon Blast now supports H.264 hardware decoding on 3030, 3040 and 5060 clients
– Horizon Blast BEAT: all non-ARM platforms do support Blast over UDP now, called BEAT
– Horizon client updated to verion 4.6: you have to install the horizon.i386.pkg file to get this version
– VMware Broker Logon Changes: Unauthenticated user login is now possible and you can hide the Broker server URL and the Domain list in the logon dialog
– Citrix Multiple Audio. Multiple audio device can now be used inside your Citrix session. Very nice for VOIP usage – one for headset and one for ringer
– Citrix Netscaler + SMS Passcode support: NetScaler 12.0 and later; SMS PASSCODE 9.0 SP1 + RADIUS are required
– Microsoft RDP WebSocket support
– Microsoft RDP H.264 AVC444 support
– Display Port Audio support
– Change network settings without the need of a reboot

And last but not least, a whole bunch of new WMS 1.1 supported policies.