ThinOS 8.4_110 hotfix release available on Dell Digital Locker

On October 24th Dell has released the latest version of ThinOS on Dell Digital Locker. This is a free upgrade for all customers under ThinOS maintenance.
What’s new in version 8.4_110?
As this is mainly a hotfix release there is only one enhancement. This is the updated RTME package, which is now version 2.3.
Be aware:

With RTOP/RTME 2.3 the video resolution performance is downgraded due to Citrix design change of RTOP CPU utilization; please refer to Citrix RTOP documentation or technical support for full details. The RTME 2.3 on ThinOS could result in 30%-60% video resolution downgrade comparing to RTME 2.2 on ThinOS. The last RTME package version 2.2.42091 for ThinOS could still be used on the latest ThinOS image for better video resolution performance, but with known issues from RTOP 2.2 which are fixed in 2.3.

The rest are mainly bugfixes and new INI parameters.

BTW, all new parameters are already included in the latest ConfGen version 8.1.01.

Supported hardware platforms
Platform                                                                                        Image
Wyse 3010 Thin Client with ThinOS (T10)              DOVE_boot
Wyse 3010 Zero Client for Citrix                                 T00_xen.bin
Wyse 3020 Thin Client with ThinOS (T10D)         T10D_wnos
Wyse 3020 Zero Client for Citrix                                 T00D_xen
Wyse 3030 LT Thin Client with ThinOS                   U10_wnos
Wyse 3030 LT Thin Client with PCoIP                      PU10_wnos
Wyse 3040 Thin Client with ThinOS                          A10Q_wnos
Wyse 3040 Thin Client with PCoIP                             A10QP_wnos
Wyse 5010 Thin Client with ThinOS (D10D)         ZD10_wnos
Wyse 5010 Thin Client with PCoIP (D10DP)        PD10_wnos
Wyse 5010 Zero Client for Citrix                                 ZD00_xen
Wyse 5040 AIO Thin Client (5212)                             ZD10_wnos
Wyse 5040 AIO Thin Client with PCoIP (5213)   PD10_wnos
Wyse 5060 Thin Client with ThinOS                           D10Q_wnos
Wyse 5060 Thin Client with PCoIP                             D10QP_wnos
Wyse 7010 Thin Client with ThinOS (Z10D)          ZD10_wnos