ThinOS 2308 (Release Summary):

  • Release Date: August 2023.
  • Current Version: ThinOS 2308 (9.4.3087).
  • Previous Version: ThinOS 2306 (9.4.2103).

Firmware Upgrade:

  • Supports upgrading from version 9.1.3129 or later to ThinOS 2308 (9.4.3087).
  • Versions earlier than 9.1.3129 require an intermediate upgrade to 9.1.3129 or later before moving to ThinOS 2308.
  • Downgrading from ThinOS 2308 to a version earlier than 9.1.3129 requires using the ThinOS Merlin image.

Important Notes:

  • Some features and product environments are marked as “Not Qualified” as Dell Technologies hasn’t tested them with other users.
  • Future releases will remove outdated and less secure TLS ciphers to enhance ThinOS security.
  • TLS cipher lists are provided, indicating their security status, removal, or potential changes in future releases.
  • After an upgrade, the device may display a black screen, which a reboot can resolve.
  • Changing the Wyse Management Suite group token in ThinOS 2303 and later versions may require a reboot.
  • The Live Update option’s status affects the ability to download and install firmware or packages; in ThinOS 2303, Live Update is disabled, but downloads occur in specific scenarios.
  • Installing the HID_Fingerprint_Reader package also requires installing the Citrix_Workspace_App package to upgrade to the latest ThinOS version successfully.
  • Configured settings, such as brokers, in ThinOS 2308 may be lost when downgrading to ThinOS 2205 or earlier versions using Wyse Management Suite. Manual rebooting is required to set passwords again, or they may become corrupted.

For detailed information, refer to the Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 2308, 2306, and 2303 Migration Guide at