ThinLinux 2.2 Maintenance Release 4

Today Dell has released the last update of ThinLinux 2.2, called MR4. With ThinLinux going EoML on January 31, 2021, this is the last release for ThinLinux, and customers are encouraged to evaluate and if possible, transition to Dell Hybrid Client devices.


  • Ubuntu 16.04 OS updates
  • Citrix Workspace App for Linux v20.06
  • Citrix RTME 2.9
  • VMware Horizon Client 2006
  • Firefox ESR 68.11
  • Google Chrome 83
  • Vulnerability fixes including:
    • Intel Bluetooth vulnerability fix
  • Multiple fixes to address customer reported issues. 

Supported Platforms

  • Wyse 3040 Thin Clients with ThinLinux 2.2
  • Wyse 5070 Thin Clients with ThinLinux 2.2
  • Wyse 5470 Mobile Thin Clients with ThinLinux 2.2

ThinLinux 2.x for Wyse Thin Clients Transition

Overview: What’s happening?

Dell’s ThinLinux 2.x operating system will go End of Marketing Life on January 31, 2021, and End of Service Support on April 30, 2021. Current ThinLinux 2.x customers with Wyse 3040, 5070, and 5470 thin client endpoints can expect the following:  

Available Options:

Wyse 5070 – Dell Hybrid Client (DHC) conversion kit is available to migrate customers to Dell Hybrid Client (DHC) 1.1.

This option is scheduled to be released 8th of December 2020 and is based on Ubuntu Linux 18.04. Subsequent releases of DHC will be based on Ubuntu 20.04.

ThinLinux customers with Wyse 5070 configurations with 16 GB eMMC and 4 GB RAM, will only be able to migrate to DHC 1.1. Due to minimum configuration requirements for DHC 1.5 with Ubuntu 20.04 of 32 GB storage, customers with 16 GB eMMC will not be able to receive upgrades beyond DHC 1.1.

Ubuntu 18.04 will EoML on April 2023.

DHC is offered as a subscription service managed with Wyse Management Suite (WMS) Pro for DHC.

There is no migration path for Wyse 3040 and 5470 mobile thin client.