Synergy Wrap-up

Citrix Synergy was held end of May in sunny Las Vegas and Dell had one of the biggest show presence ever.

But not only having a big booth but also having a bag full of new and upcoming products.

  1. A new Linux version is coming. Dell has fully reworked the existing SUSE based Linux distribution they are selling right now. Aside with this rework the name has changed to ThinLinux.
    ThinLinux is based on SUSE 12 SP1 SLES and has a brand new GUI. Much more streamlined, much flatter, simpler, easier to use and support rich for unified communication.
    Release will be July 2016
  2. An updated version of ThinOS will also hit the market in July. It will include support for Lync optimization pack 1.8 and 2.0 at the same time. Along with that, there are tons of other new features, like
    – VMware Real Time Audio Video
    – Imprivata Bio-metric Single Sign-On
    – EAP-FAST authentication
    – Bluetooth support
    – Citrix icon refresh
    – RDP 8.1 new features
    – Amazon Web Services / Workspaces
    – Proxy support for CCM and Flash Redirection
    – Linux and Windows 10 desktop support
    – …
  3. “Dell Data Protection | Thread Protection” I have discussed this feature already in the last post
  4. Wyse 3030LT unit will get available in July 2016, a cost-effective, Intel based model for the broad market, available with either the new ThinOS 8.3 or new ThinLinux 1.0 firmware, it includes USB 3 and uses only 12 watts of energy
  5. New Wyse 7040 unit, which is a small formfactor, high performance unit, equipped with either a Intel i5 or i7 CPU, six USB 3 ports, support for a UHD 4K display, or three lower res displays daisy chained and much more, like TPM encryption, etc.
  6. Last but not least and also available in July, the new Wyse Device Manager 5.7. This will now fully support the already included webinterface, which was only in preview until now. It will also support Device Configuration for ThinOS, Linux and WES, plus a Profile Manager to assign these configuration per group.

As you can see, there was a lot going on at Synergy. Maybe we meet there next year.