Re: We are seeing this as well.

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We have the same issue. What appears to be happening is that the 1200LEs are trying to check-in but IIS is misinterpreting their connection parameters. They use an HTTP PUT verb/method to connect to hserver.dll. IIS is replying with:

Bad Request

Bad Request – Invalid Verb

HTTP Error 400. The request verb is invalid.

We have tried removing everything (including IIS and SQL) and re-installing. We have even tried re-installing on server 2003 with IIS 6. Nothing seems to fix this issue. We have installed based on the Installation Guide for 4.8.5. We think that either IIS 7.5 is blocking this request for some reason, or it is breaking at the # symbol in the hserver.dll connection command (the SN#) parameter causing the connection string to be split and the http parser failing. Can anyone shed light on this?

Thank you.