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Wyse support resolved my issue yesterday. Turns out that for whatever reason, the dbo.Install table on my database was missing some important information, including location of the StdSvcs, GUI, HServer – which are all on my primary WDM server. Once we manually entered in these tables, the install completed successfully.

However, I did run into additional issues. For some reason, the installer removed the files from the root dir of inetpubftprootrapporttoolssa, so when I tried to pull an image from an XPe terminal, it failed trying to find root.i2u. I went back and looked at the SWReptoolssa folder from the 4.5.3 installation files, and the files were there. So I simply copied them to my repository and imaging worked great.

Finally my server is updated and I can get the rest of my remote repositories rolled out. Thanks again for all the input. This site has been a life saver more than once! 🙂