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Hello folks,

First time poster…So happy to see other folks having the same issue as I am. (not that I wish you or your users pain, of course).

I am experiencing the same issues at two different locations. The users did not report widespread problems at either location until we upgraded their Sonicwall firewall with a new TZ210 unit running Sonicwall’s enhanced OS.

Site 1=

Single Terminal Server- W2K03 SP2
All S10s
Use DHCP/FTP for access to full desktop session.
RDP Only.
Terminal server and Wyse clients on LAN.
HP Procurve Switch (4104gl)
Sonicwall TZ210 Enhanced OS

Site 2=

Citrix PS 4.5 farm with two servers (W2K03 SP2).
All S10s
Use DHCP/FTP for access to PN agent web interface site.
Citrix servers and thin clients on LAN.
HP Procurve 4000M switch.
Sonicwall TZ210 Enhanced OS.

The problem is not as painful for the end users at Site2, as they employ Citrix and Citrix does a nice job of reconnecting to disconnected sessions in the background. However, at site 1, it’s extremely painful, as there is no Citrix and the business-critical application that they run requires me to configure the RDP connector properties to “End session” when a connection is broken or a time limit is reached. When these users get disconnected, they lose data.

I have worked with Sonicwall’s tech support engineers for days. No help and they say it’s not a Sonicwall problem (makes sense, but I know that the problem is nearly non-existent without the TZ210 in place). Sonicwall pointed the finger at HP. I opened up a case with HP, and they see nothing wrong either.

So here I am at a Wyse forum as last resort. I hope we can get this figured out.

Please continue to post updates / developments. I’ll do the same.