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Can no one help? Really?

@AllenG wrote:

Hi. I’m new to Thin clients. Can someone please help?

I have a Wyse Winterm model WT9450XE that has been retired from my place of work. It is 192MB and has a build of WinXPe installed. I want to install squid transparent proxy onto it or possibly Linux and Squid.
Being unfamiliar with configuring lite clients I wasn’t sure how to disable the NVRAM write protect, I logged on as administrator and found what looked like an option under administative tools that I changed. The winterm now won’t boot saying that hal.dll is missing or corrupt.

I have done some research on this site and downloaded a self extracting firmware B330Wyse9450.exe The readme says XPE Build 330 SP1 US/ANZ 192mb Build for Rapport 4.4″ with a list of patches. I am in New Zealand.
I have also downloaded and installed Wyse Simple Imager V1.7.2.

I have added the firmware file but after clicking submit and powering on the client, the client attempts to boot from lan and then stops at the hal.dll error message. The SWI documentation says I need to install modules in Windows Server 2003. I only have an XP PC and a Windows7 PC. I also have a Thecus N4200pro NAS If I can somehow utilise that.

How can I re-image this without server 2003 please?
Alternatively, how can I get this to boot off something else? There is a 44 pin connector in the base of the device. It isn’t the correct pin spacing for IDE. What is this connector compatable with?

I believe that this device won’t support imaging from USB.
I have Bios access and the administrator password.
Boot from LAN is selected.

Can someone guide me please?

Regards Allen.