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@ConfGen wrote:

Hi Enisorai,

you can find the needed firmware on the Wyse download site. Use the “retired product picker” to select your 3125 model and download the firmware you need. Unpack it to your FTP server and upgrade the unit.
You do not need DHCP with option tag for this. You can manually adjust the FTP server settings in the Control Panel of the 3125.


Hi !!
Thank you for the (fast) answer.
I didn’t download it before because the files were labeled .exe so i thought it was not what i was searching for … but there it is 🙂
In fact these are .exe are zip files with the needed .bin .ini and .exe inside

By the way i tested manual upgrade from FTP and Automatic upgrade via FTP (options 161 and 162). Both worked.
Only one more trick to achieve this if you’re using Linux/Unix FTP like Proftpd, you’ll have to rename PARAMS.ini to params.ini (Windows world is not used to case sensitive …)

I will probably ask you other questions in the future since this is only the first step in a very interesting envireonment … 🙂

Thanks a lot again for the very helpfull documents and hints on this forum and on your site !