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I have a server with Windows Server 2003 SP2 and WDM 4.7.0 installed. The database is on a seperate SQL server. I am experiencing the same issues in the previous posts here. I have gone through all the suggestions here and re-installed WDM 6 times so far and re-installed IIS a few times too. Still have the same issues…when I start WDM I get the message:

“Unable to communicate with Hserver. Restarting service HServerInit could fix the problem.”

When I browse to http://localhost/Hserver.dll?&V99, I get the message:

“&ER|Server Could Not Initialize – Check Configuration”

I have called Wyse support and the level 2 tech couldn’t help me. I have checked, and double-checked, and triple-checked all the settings. Everything is set according to all the “fixes”.

Please help!