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As you have not replied yet I am taking a guess that you have Windows XPe SP1 on your terminal. There is a known issue with this level of firmware taking multiable TSCALS in certain instances.

Have a look at the end of this thread, it effects TS licencing in Per Device mode:

Also on a seperate note if you have devices (not just XPe) that only take one TS CAL but never convert the temp licence to a full one see these MS hotfixes:

For Microsoft Article Q287687 (Windows 2000);en-us;287687

For Microsoft Article Q813508 (Windows 2000);en-us;813508

827355 – Event ID 1004 is logged when a thin client tries to obtain a Terminal Services license

For Microsoft Article Q825027 (Windows 2000);en-us;825027

For Microsoft Article Q884570 (Windows 2003);en-us;884570