Reply To: Possible to downgrade X10_bios.bin from 1.5 to 1.13 via USB?

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Many thanks for the pointer CG. I took a good look but…

I originally got the 8.6.013 ThinOS Wyse 5070 raw image from the Dell website here:

After I downloaded it, I realised I couldn’t use it with a USB stick (I have no central FTP server or WDM software to do it from), so I downloaded the Merlin 8.6.013 image instead:

This second image is the one that I got the error code 233 from. When I go to push this Merlin image, the screen listing the image says:

Platform: 5070
Architecture: WTOS_Wyse_5070_Thin_Client_16GB_0 – WTOS, X64 (WTOS,OS,5070)

The current System Information tab on my 8.6.303 Wyse Client itself shows:

Operating System: ThinOS Build Version: 8.6.303 Build Name: PX10_wnos Platform Name: 5070 Celeron. I want to downgrade from 8.6.303 to 8.6.013 as I mentioned.

When I lookup the service tag/warranty info of this new device on the Dell website:

It shows I have: 619-ANCI : PCoIP enabled Wyse ThinOS, English

I’m just a bit confused because I could find no other references to an 8.6.013 operating system in any of the OS downloads on the Dell site (even when I looked up older versions). I actually think I have the correct version but there is a weird key mismatch. If only I knew how to extract the eeprom key on my current Wyse, I could compare it to the one within the XML file of the Merlin image and possibly match them to force the update. Some other people seem to had success with this:

“For anyone that is curious –
Old key : 01090737
New key : 01090837

If you change this string in the XML and rsp files on the flash drive to match the client, it will install without issue. I was able to install 2.1 on a system without the patch, simply by changing this string.”

The whole reason I am trying to backdate the OS on this particular Wyse 5070 (8.6.303) is because the Connection Manager is not saving my local RDP sessions between boots. When I reboot, the definition I created previously is gone. My other Wyse clients running 8.6.013 do not have this problem. Unfortunately these client are physically located overseas in New Zealand and I don’t have the ability to upgrade them in any way (and I want to keep all of them the same if possible. I guess worst comes to worst I could try ThinOS 9.1 and see what happens.

Sorry for the long message.