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Hi ConfGen and all the Experts here,

I am new on this Site and I am also a new Wyse Thin Client Owner, and need a little Help from You Experts.

By the Way, I tried to update my Profile on this Site, but the “Update Profile” Button dos not work corectly!
It opens a window for saving the “profile.php” to  my local PC!?

I have some problems with a Wyse Cx0 C10LE wich I bought on eBay for little Money.
It came with a DVI to VGA Adapter 4 Pods for standing and a Powersupply but without any documentation!
My intense was to use this Tiny PC as a testing Machine for some Projects I work on, but now I know that this is not a Micro PC it is a ThinClient.

The full Machine description is: C10LE WTOS 1G 128F/512R DVI CBL EUR PC EDF.
BIOS-Version: 1.0B-0407; BIOS-Date: 10/07/09 more than 10 Years old!
It has a 2GB Flashdrive as Harddisk.
And it gets an fixed IP from my DHCP Server a Synologgy  NAS.
Firmware: I don’t know! How can I figure out that information?

I would like to update BIOS and Firmware, but dont know how without Internet connection.

My Problem is: When I startup the TC it boots directly to Windows XP asking me for the Password of the User “USER PC” which I don’t know,
when leaving the Passwordfield empty by clicking the OK Button it starts Windows XP but there I have no rights at all.

The TC is not able to enter the Internet when Windows XP is started, because of something blocks it.

I can enter the BIOS, but there ist not much to Change! I am also able to boot the TC over PXE but that will make no sense, because of too less Memory on the TC.

I have tried to get Help and also the latest Updates from Dell, but I don’t have a Service-Tag-Number for my C10LE, and I could not generate one from the Serial Number,
because Dell don’t know this Serial Number.

I have found this Site und have downloaded almost every Dokumentation and Software aviable here. But these downloads are now on my privat PC.

I would  like  to make a Factory Reset on the C10LE to start from beginning, but i don`t get the Screen (like shown in the YouTube-Video how else can I do a Factory reset?
How can I enter the Screen with the System Information window and the “Desktop” Button at the lower left corner?

The TC is booting to WinXP and nothing else. I tried the “G-Key” reset without any result. Tried also the “P-Key” but then it only displays a boot-menue to start PXE-boot or boot from Flashdrive or enter the BIOS-Setup!

Thanks for Help and please forgive me my bad english