Reply To: Smart Card redirection Wyse 5040 AIO

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Basically, no.

After much conversation with Gemalto and Barlcays, when using ThinOS even with the driver package installed in Citrix, you cannot use the integrated pinpad readers as they are a different class of device than a standard reader,

“Do you support the use of a secure PIN entry smart card reader that adheres to the PCSC V2 part 10 standard”- It appears ThinOS does not.

The solution we had to use for ThinOS clients (in our case the 3040’s) was to independently purchase card readers without the integrated pin-pad (The bank will only supply their standard ones) – in our case we ordered a ton load of these:

they work perfectly with the on-screen pinpad for the service.

Obviously the vendor (Gemalto/Barclays) cannot provide hardware support on the products the products they don’t provide, but they did confirm a compliant smart card reader (like the Dell KB integrated one), will work with the current releases of the Gemalto package.