Reply To: Unbootable Devices with 7.1.130

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I’m currently working with Wyse support to fix this issue as other customers have reported the same with S10 (this is what support told me).

I got a Merlin Image from Wyse support and was able to recover a S10 (using WSI and booting with PXE) but as soon as it get the 7.1.130 update it fails to boot (blinking cursor on the left top corner on the screen and 3 beeps) so i was able to reproduce this.
With the R10L i was able to recover it with DD trick, and here again when the device get the update it fails to boot. But we have only 2 R10L’s in company which is working fine with 7.1.130 how weirrrrrrrrrrrrrd while we have 6 with failure’s.

While i was able to reproduce it for the S10 i made a video how the S10 (support asked me if i was able todo this) is working fine but as soon as the update 7.1.130 comes it fails to boot. (download link :

After recovering our R10L with the DD trick we removed the 7.1.130 firmware for the R10L on our FTP server. And for the S10 this is a different story :
It seams tobe related with the S10 hardware layout, all S10 where the firmware is working fine has a SOD memory others (like converted S30) which doesn’t has a SOD fails. I have reported this to Wyse support and made some pictures showing the hardware layout.

For now we have 11 S10 with boot failures (was 9) and waiting for Wyse support. Sadly enough this is needed by our company.