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One more screensaver related message: we have been testing our wlx.ini with Screensaver= 90, 99, 119, 120, etc. All types of different values (we’d prefer 120), and, it seems at PURE RANDOM, the screensaver will work and come on when specified, or, the system will idled after ~10 minutes and put the monitor too sleep. We were recommended to put PowerManager=0,0 in our wlx.ini file, but, that seems to have made little difference.

I had a machine this AM that was going to a black screen saver at 90 minutes, exactly the way I wanted. I did a factory reset on it, changed NOTHING in the INI, and this time after loading the wlx, it idled after 10 minutes. I don’t get it.

Our INI Display section:

Desktop=logo.bmp Layout=Stretch