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Cool. I looked at that document before, but discarded it after the first few steps because it was setting up the DDC, something I wasn’t intersted in. However, after the above post I looked deeper and saw that step 5, appendix 2, and step 6 contained most of the information I’ve been looking for. So, thank you.

Of course, it didn’t go smoothly after that. I created script.rsp and set it in the ftp root next to a folder called script with a wnos subfolder and all the config info. That might be the problem to begin with, since I’m not really sure where to run this stuff.

Anyway, in WDM I right clicked Package Manager>New>Package… I left the radio button on Register a Package from a script file, next. Browsed to the script file, next. Next and then Next one more time. At that point it starts to register the package. I get an Error: Unable to connect to FTP repository. When I click OK on that I get a second message: Please enable a transfer ptorocol [sic] – no protocols are currently available.

So I’ve verified the Software Repository works correctly and I can connect to ftp no problem from any machine I try. And I tried moving the script and folder around to different places in the ftp structure, none of which made any difference. Anybody have any ideas where this error might be coming from or what troubleshooting steps I might try next? Hopefully I’m just making a rookie mistake which is easily taken care of.


oh, here is the content of my script:

Description=WTOS configuration test