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@ConfGen wrote:

When doing latter you can remove the Passwordserver parameter from the wnos.ini and enable password change on the Citrix system and all should be good.


I have a question about this. How do you “enable password change on the Citrix system” ? I am having trouble with this on my C10LE winterms that our company uses. Users with Expired or “must-change” domain password are unable to do so from the thinOS login. Users get an error:

Citrix sign-on failed

I have been working hard for the last three days to resolve this problem and looking in the Wyse support site is no help because they offer solutions that don’t work, such as adding the passwordserver parameter.

Wyse self-service site portal is confusing and it’s hard to find what you are looking for unless you have been in there before and know what to click on.