Reply To: “Find devices” doesn’t work anymore!

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i originally ran into some issues getting devices discovered… switched to the dhcp option tag and as mentioned this works much better…

A good way to do a quick test I found is to

VNC into one of your devices (that is not showing up in WDM) ,
go into the control panel and open up the WDM agent (might be called RAPPORT in older devices I am not sure…)
enter the IP address of your WDM server there.
Restart your device.
a few minutes after your device has restarted you should see it in the WDM database (device listing).

If not, I would imagine there is some sort of network or communication problem between your server and the device…

Last resort would be to re-install WDM on another box and see if the same procedure works on it… (pointing the device to your new wdm installation instead)… if the device comes up on your new install its most likely some sort of software error on your original WDM box.

hope it helps!