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First of all you should install the latest version 4.7.2.
Second, if this image has been created using WDM 4.5.1 or older, then it’s missing the correct version information. You will either have to recreate the package by pulling an image from a unit or you have to export, correct and reimport the image into WDM.

To export and reimport the image, please do the following:

– right click on the package in package manager and select “view package script”
– copy and paste that script into a text file and save it in a temporary directory. The file name must be .rsp.
– add a line to the “[Version]” section “ImageVersion=4.050576.512” (or similar, depending on the image version you’ve been using on the device)
– go to c:inetpubftprootrapport and copy the subdirectory to the same temporary location as above
– re-import the package into WDM by right clicking on package manager and select New -> Package. Choose to open a .rsp file

Now you should be able to push the image to your unit.