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Hello alienjoker,

Thanks you for your answer 🙂

@alienjoker wrote:

Hey strax,

To check to see if your WDM server is running properly, please type browse to:-


If you receive a time stamp back in the form of:-


Your WDM server is up and running fine.

I’ve tested that url on my DHCP server and on a Wyse XPe

On my DHCP server, the url is working and makes me download a file named “hserver”.

On a Wyse XPe, i have a web page error “404 File or folder not found”

@alienjoker wrote:

Next thing to check is that the Hagent service is actually running on the Wyse XPe. As administrator, open up Services (services.msc) and look to see if the service is started/enabled. If not, start it and this should resolve your issues!


I’ve watched on the Wyse Xpe and the service is running.

But i’ve watched on my 2 WDM servers, and i have a service called Hserverinit which is not working. I have to launch it manually each boot.

After i’ve launched it, i start WDM and i have this message:

the problem seem to be on the server. This message appear on 2008 server and on 2003 server. So it is not a compatibility problem.

@Alienjoker wrote:

You definitely don’t need the DHCP scope options. The document and image you are referring to relates to Wyse Thin Clients running WTOS not XPe.

Ok, i’ve deleted all the option on the DHCP server.
Now PXE is not working again.

See you.