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Thanks for the info Jedi-

I was hoping to test this upgrade out and make sure that I can indeed upgrade to the 5.2 blazer os after the conversion. The conversion apparently includes 4.4 and doesnt really indictae if it can be upgraded.

Do you know if the conversion will then allow you to go up to 5.2 which is the latest that the 1200le can go to? Everythign in the conversion points to the fact that these terminals will be the “equivalent of a 1200le” so I assume they can be upgraded as if it were a 1200le?

Another question relating- If I were to keep the win-ce on these units, will they perform as well as the blazer? I need to just use RDP to connect to a terminal server, but I cannot seem to get any color better than 8 bit- even if I select 64k colors. Maybe if I can get the color up to 64k then I can live with windows CE on these terminals.