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Well I cannot do that, like I said I don’t have WTOS nor do I have V90L, I had a V10L without anything (no disk on chip), I wanted to flash the BIOS to the latest which I could only find inside the V90L image. Besides, after taking the i2d apart, the .raw was in there too which I suppose contains the XPe. I did not need anything besides the BIOS but I’m sure other people may use this included tool for other purposes as well. There may be V10L users that went the latest BIOS or someone like me who is using this device to gPXE boot WinXP over iSCSI and is looking for the latest BIOS and/or other parts of the wyse image.

I’m just sharing my findings, there would be no way for me to do what you said to do to get the bios file. I cannot flash it using the horrible Wyse Device manager as it takes so much time to setup.
So just download a copy from
install it and extract that tool if you are looking to do anything similar to what I was doing. Enjoy.